Client Network Traffic with Exchange Server 2003

Estimating the network traffic generated between multiple servers that are running Exchange Server 2003 and messaging clients is one of the most difficult tasks a company faces when deploying Exchange Server 2003.

When Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 and Microsoft Office Outlook Web Access are run with secure sockets layer (SSL), using forms-based authentication and with high compression, they create much less traffic than other messaging clients.

This document provides a detailed look at how Exchange Server 2003 consumes bandwidth under different configurations and analyzes the incoming and outgoing client traffic. The results of 700 tests performed on variations of four Microsoft clients are used to compare how different clients and mail message formats affect network traffic. Sample user profiles are included to help system architects determine the amount of bandwidth their company’s users will produce.

The chapters in this white paper correspond to the types of actions that involve Microsoft messaging clients.

•Log on and log off

•Directory access

•Generic mail item tests

•Calendar, contacts, and tasks item tests

•Public folders

•Define user profiles and WAN bandwidth

•Bandwidth based on sample user profiles

Download here

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