How to change Cluster Service Account (Exchange) ?


Note this does not apply to the service acct used for Exchange.

  1. 1. Log on to one of the cluster nodes using an account with admin rights on both (all) cluster nodes.
  2. 2. Have a domain admin change the password for the service account.
  3. 3. Open a CMD prompt on the cluster node.
  4. 4. Type the following (without quotes)  “cluster /cluster:CLUSTERNAME /changepassword /skipdc” (where CLUSTERNAME is the name of the cluster.

When prompted enter and confirm the new password. This will update the password for the cluster account on all nodes.

Alternatively, they can just create a new domain account and then use the following article to set permissions properly:

269229 How to manually re-create the Cluster service account;EN-US;269229


Any further thoughts? Let me know here

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