Free E-Book – Understanding Microsoft Virtualization Solutions

Free Microsoft Press “Understanding Microsoft Virtualization” eBook

Mitch Tullock provides a thorough look at the capabilities, features, and operations of Microsoft virtualization technologies from the desktop to the datacenter, and how to plan, implement, and manage virtual infrastructure solutions.

This is a 417 page Microsoft Press book and a 14.4MB PDF download.  It covers everything soup to nuts, from:

  • An overview of the differing types of virtualization
  • Server Virtualization & Hyper-V in depth
  • Server Virtualization Management & Virtual Machine Manager 2008
  • Application Virtualization & App-V
  • Presentation Virtualization & Terminal Services from Windows Server 2008
  • Desktop Virtualization & the differences between Enterprise Desktop Virtualization & VDI
  • User State Virtualization
  • Designing & Planning a Virtualization Infrastructure


– Download here –


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