Hyper-V and AZMAN Permission

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a very interesting scenario where I personally think Microsoft does have here some room for improvements, the permission management from Hyper-V perspective is currently still laborious.

BUT there are already (free) published scripts available which makes the life much more easier, when you need set up more granular permissions for Hyper-V Management (VM and or task like start/stop level).

Here you should use setscope.vbs and getscope.vbs to manage AZMAN store for setting the Hyper-V permissions. finally you "only" need to assign the user to the specified scope and it just works – also great for automatization scenarios 😉

Also check out the following blog which gives you some examples on the usage scenarios of set– and getscope.vbs:


The scripts can be found here (only here!):


and of course John Howard post from part1 till 5:






that should give you an complete picture of the usage and the functionality of AZMAN scope for Hyper-V Winking smile

Stay tuned for an detailed step-by-step configuration with screenshots.


Ramazan Can

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